Syed Mahfuzul Mazid

Software Engineer, Like to Travel, Foodie, Music Lover, Love to Code, Like Sports and playing Games

Lead Programmer at AlegraLabs (Lead Full Stack Developer)

With over 4 years of experience as developer, can work in any situation to get product out. I am basically a LAMP developer and my codes are also available in Github https://github.com/mahfuzt786/

There are very complex modules that I have developed.

Technical Skills (LAMP Programmer):

Specialized in Hybrid Mobile App. Development.

FAA Nagar, Puranbasti, Sixmile Panjabari Road, Guwahati-781022 Assam, IN

+91 9401059543 | +91 9365087919

mahfuzt786@yahoo.co.in | mahfuzz786@gmail.com