Syed Mahfuzul Mazid

Software Engineer, Like to Travel, Foodie, Music Lover

Team Lead & Lead Programmer at AlegraLabs, Guwahati.

Lead LAMP Stack Programmer, Laravel framework. Beginner in Artificial Intelligence, Python, Flask/Django framework.

Technical Skills:
Professional LAMP Programmer, Beginner in Artificial Intelligence [Machine Learning].

With over 5 years of experience, I know that it takes a great deal of creativity to come up with design/development and I am a valued member of any team.
Can work in any situation to get the product out.
Happy to sit down and discuss in order to offer a more in depth view of my skills.
Always open to questions; available Online for any discussion and Queries.
Skype: mahfuzt786

There are very complex modules that I have developed. Github: https://github.com/mahfuzt786/

FAA Nagar, Puranbasti Sixmile Panjabari Road Guwahati - 781022 Assam, IN | +91 9401059543 / +91 9365087919